Welcome to my personal website that focuses on the education of culture, language, food, and wine. I hold a Ph.d. in Basque Studies-Anthropology and am a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) who studies the Basque language and culture with an emphasis on the anthropology of food and wine. Though proud of my Kansas roots, my love for travel and learning languages has inspired me to live in various parts of the world. I am currently focusing on how gastronomy and language intersect, and what role they both play in language and cultural maintenance. My work is supported by the various positions I’ve held in the food and wine industry, as well as in academia.

The main goal of this website is to share my love of culture, language, food, and wine as an educator. My work revolves around using these subjects as a way to understand people. Here, you will find the courses I am prepared or have taught, a list of articles and blogs related to wine, language, and food, and pictures I’ve taken through experiences in learning. I welcome any feedback, questions, or comments regarding these areas of interest, and hope this site offers a place for conversation and an exchange of thoughts. Please feel free to contact me at kerri.lesh@gmail.com.